Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Top 13 of 2013

 Happy New Year!
A few of the blogs I read listed the top blog posts from the previous year. Figured I'd tag along...

Top 13 of 2013

13. White Rock Creek

Edit: So it seem either by user-error or other means my data gatherer added this post from 2012 to my top 13 in 2013. And obviously I didn't proof-read thoroughly enough to catch it. Hope you don't mind if I leave it in the post -- since I don't have time to redo it at the moment. :) Number 8 seems to have slipped too. My bad. 

12. Inspiration from Howard Pyle


11. The Best Thing That Happened to Me...


 10. In the meantime...


9. Morning at the Office


8. a little obsessed? maybe.


7. Crimson and Copper 8x6


6. Painting on the beach, Nags Head, NC


5. The Midlothian Apothecary 

4. The Long Way, 11x14 


3. Published: Robious Corridor Magazine


2. The Carving Tree, 9x12 

1. Published: 2 paintings of Midlothian

It's been a wonderful year. Thanks for reading and Happy 2014!
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