Sunday, January 26, 2014

A painting grows up: "Clouds Over Jockeys Ridge", 10x10

Sometimes small paintings stay small and sometimes they also grow up into a little larger paintings. This was the case for a recent painting commission. Over the summer I painted a 6x6" painting titled "Clouds Over Jockey's Ridge". I painted it on location in OBX.

I was contacted by Diana at For Art's Sake to paint a slightly larger version of the piece for client. I took progress photos of the painting to share.

 Burnt Umber underpainting to lay out the shapes.

 I began with the sky, and everything that touched it -- the trees on the horizon and the bush in the foreground.

A shot of my palette post-sky.

The water on Jockey's Ridge (the sound side) is shallow and the waves were small. Love that dark smokey blue with the flecks of the white caps and the reflections of the sky.

Next, I started constructing the shapes of the driftwood/bear branches.

Beach complete, but the colors needed to be corrected. I gave it a week or so to dry before adding some thin glazes of color.

"Clouds Over Jockey's Ridge"
10x10, oil on panel

It was definitely a fun one to revisit.
Thanks for reading!

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