Monday, October 27, 2014

The simpler the better

If you followed me on Facebook or Instagram last summer you'll remember the time I painted these waterfalls.

It was such a thrilling thing to paint, but my painting didn't turn out well. It was really a case of sensory overload. A painting needs focus to communicate the feeling of a place. In this case everything was so beautiful and I didn't focus on one particular aspect of the place to focus my painting.

Back in the studio, with my memory, the failed painting from that day and a few reference photos I was better able to construct a painting that communicated (1) scale and (2) the cascading falls.

I arranged the painting into a light area (in the center) and a dark area (surrounding). I minimized the contrast in value in those major shapes and GREATLY simplified the edges where the dark met the light.  I also prepared a board with an aspect ratio better suited to eliminate extraneous information (i.e. the water in the foreground, the sky in the background).

Swallow Falls
5x8, oil on board


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pony Pasture Diptych from Summer

I wanted to paint a diptych on two panels. A few strategically placed stapes and success!

Now comes the decision to frame each panel separately or together in one frame.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

One from last week at Fine Creek in Powhatan

I had a wonderful morning before some rain last week painting at The Mill at Fine Creek, a gorgeous wedding and special event venue in Powhatan, VA. You can see some of the stone structures that perhaps supported various parts of the gristmill.

So many potential paintings at Fine Creek, but this particular set of lines and shapes caught my eye.

I might have embellished the amount of yellow in that tree bough. 

Autumn's First Branches
8x10, oil

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sun Swept - 12x24, oil

"Sun Swept"
Summer - James River at Pony Pasture
12x24, oil

I mentioned I would be painting the James in every season. Stay tuned for more from spring, summer, fall and winter!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Huguenot Flatwater - From small to large

Huguenot Flatwater
6x8, oil

I created this little painting one morning this summer. It seemed to capture the feel of summer on the James. Back in the studio it grew up into a larger piece - 18x24 inches. Worked on the "hazy day" feel as well as creating more of the illusion of distance just as the river bends.

Was hoping to include this piece in my upcoming show at For Art's Sake Gallery in December-January, but the gallery owner found a home for it right after I finished it.

More paintings of featuring the James River in all the different seasons of the year to come!

Huguenot Flatwater
18x24, oil

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Lily Pads on Walton Lake, 6x10

Lily Pads on Walton Lake
6x10, oil on board
Available at Gallery Flux

I've posted this one before, while it was still on the easel.

Two people mentioned it reminded them of Chuck Larivey, which is quite an honor. However, it's only because of the subject matter. He is famous for his water lilies.

Maybe I was hoping for a mention of -- well -- Monet

Just kidding!

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