Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tools of the Trade: Expressive Brush Strokes

Several weeks ago I wrote a post about one of the tools of the trade -- the pallet knife.
Today I want to introduce you to two more tools, ones that I myself only recently discovered the brilliance of...

1. The soft bristle brush.

All brushes are not created equal, just like all products. The qualities vary, the sizes vary, the shape of the bristles vary and the rigidity of the bristle vary (just a few of the many facets of what makes a great brush).
I'm hear to talk about the bristles today.
The bristles of the brush can be synthetic  or natural. They can by "fine" or "course". They can be rigid or soft and supple.

I tend to be all over the map with the types of brushes I use. However, I recently purchase this wonderful tool:
A very soft natural bristle brush. It's about one inch wide and filbert shaped. Makes beautiful, poetic strokes as well as rugged and abrupt. I'm loving it.

If you paint, you must uses a variety of brushes. Using the same brush, your canvas and strokes start getting monotonous. Anyway, on to tool number 2.

2. Music. Namely classical flamenco guitar.

 I was not prepared for how much it would effect my painting. I'm telling you folks, it was fun. And I didn't even realize what was happening. My tree tops were having a fiesta. Take a look:

Tool #1 (soft bristle brush) is especially useful when combined with tool #2 (flamenco music).

I can't show you the final outcome of the painting on the internet until after the "Pathways" opening. You'll either have to (a) come see the painting in real life (info here) or (b) wait till after May 3. Hope you pick option (a)!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Two-Woman Art Exhibit: "Pathways"

"Pathways: Moments along the Way"
Works by Amy Donahue and Carter Stuart

Exhibit runs from 
May 1 - May 27, 2013
Opening Reception
Friday, May 3, 2013
5:00-8:00 PM

If you're in the area, we would love to see you there. 

Pathways Facebook Event


About the show:

The experiences we collect along our respective journeys shape us into who we are. The memories of those experiences are some of our most valued possessions. A figure, a scene or an object can trigger the recollection of those treasured moments, the people we've known, places we've been or feelings we've experienced.

Amy Donahue and Carter Stuart come together to present Pathways, a collection of artwork varying in style, subject matter and medium, yet unified in effort to awaken and illuminate beautiful moments from our journeys.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Process: Train Bridge Over the James

A few of you have mentioned you enjoy the step-by-step shots of my painting process.
I just gathered the shots from the Train Bridge Over the James painting which I completed a few months ago. I didn't get a shot of the underpainting (done in burnt umber, which is a rich brown).

First layers of color over top the underpainting: Glazes of alizarin crimson, indian yellow, cadmium yellow, and cadmium red in the sky as well as glazes of green (mixture of various yellows and blues) to define the trees in the background.

Giving some color definition to the trees/bushes/grass/plants in the middle and foreground and painting the bridge.

Lightening up the sky, starting to give the river some color, retouching the bridge & drenching it in sunlight, adding the highlights to the plants.

Darkening the dark areas, lighten the sky, give the background a dose of "summer haze" by glazing with color with a higher concentration of cool white.

Warming up the foreground, cooling down the colors of the background, toning down the sky.
And the final:

24x12, oil

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Painting in Progress: "Light to my Path"

My April newsletter was sent last week. Those of you who received it (who opened it and read it) know that Carter Stuart & I are collaborating to present "Pathways", a two-woman show at For Art's Sake Gallery during the month of May.

There will also be a party/opening night which we want to invite you to attend!
It will be on Friday May 3 from 5-8pm 
at For Art's Sake Gallery
(Gayton Crossing Shopping Center)

The new space is nice and big. Let's just say I have been painting like a mad-woman to get ready.
I am very excited about some of the pieces that will be at the show. 
Here is a sneak peak:

To see the finished painting you will have to stop by For Art's Sake during the month of May.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Published: Robious Corridor Magazine

I was honored to discover a few of my paintings printed in last week's Robious Corridor Magazine.

There was also a fascinating article on Dene Kimball's carvings at Robious Landing Park.
I love what he is doing. I need to check these out in person.

Once again, the link,

Eight New Paintings at Cafe Caturra

Over the past week I hung 8 new paintings at Cafe Caturra.

If you're still hoping to see the display (while enjoying a bite to eat or a glass of wine) the paintings will be up through April 21st. 

Below are the 8 new pieces: 
(click the images to see full size)

12x9, oil on canvas
This is a bit larger version of the previously posted painting "Morrissette House 6x6".

Deliver at the Apothecary  // Midlothian Apothecary  // Lucky and the Girls sold



Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Morrissette House 6x6

The Morrissette House
6x6, oil on board

The Morrissette House is a gorgeous historic home located in the heart of Midlothian.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Published: 2 paintings of Midlothian

It's always fun to see your own paintings in print. This week I had the honor of being featured in the Chesterfield Observer as well as a double page spread in the Chesterfield Monthly Magazine.


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Winter Light on the Reservoir 12x4

Winter Light on the Reservoir 
12x4, oil on canvas

The warm setting sunlight illuminated the pines and bear branches of the winter trees giving this scene the appearance of a colorful autumn day—a beautiful sight in the dead of winter.

To be hung at Cafe Caturra soon.
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