Thursday, October 24, 2013

Landing in the new home.

Since my last post...

We packed up everything we own, which wasn't that much, since we were moving from a one bedroom condo.

We closed on our big beautiful house.

Had our first house guests.

Emptied our moving truck into our new home! 

I would definitely call this house a cleaner-upper, as opposed to a fixer-upper. It's got good bones, but quite a bit of grime had settled over the years. According to the neighbors there were 6 cats living in the house before the previous owner passed away. We found one of them behind the oven.

We replaced all the appliances, some of which we were expecting to replace. Others, after using once or twice we didn't feel they were particularly safe.

Other things, like reclaiming the driveway from the overgrown bushes, replacing wax seals, leaking faucets, getting rid of the mother of all yellow jackets nests, repairing screens from the porch, painting the ceilings, wall & trim for the (very likely) first time since the house was first constructed, replacing all the light bulbs with compact fluorescent (one of the many joys of having a husband who works for the power company)

 Yeah, I knew you wanted to see that last one. ;)

And what post would be complete without a photo of Mr. Theo in his new sunny spot.

Thanks for reading! 
I'll be back to posting the artwork very soon.

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