Friday, April 19, 2013

Process: Train Bridge Over the James

A few of you have mentioned you enjoy the step-by-step shots of my painting process.
I just gathered the shots from the Train Bridge Over the James painting which I completed a few months ago. I didn't get a shot of the underpainting (done in burnt umber, which is a rich brown).

First layers of color over top the underpainting: Glazes of alizarin crimson, indian yellow, cadmium yellow, and cadmium red in the sky as well as glazes of green (mixture of various yellows and blues) to define the trees in the background.

Giving some color definition to the trees/bushes/grass/plants in the middle and foreground and painting the bridge.

Lightening up the sky, starting to give the river some color, retouching the bridge & drenching it in sunlight, adding the highlights to the plants.

Darkening the dark areas, lighten the sky, give the background a dose of "summer haze" by glazing with color with a higher concentration of cool white.

Warming up the foreground, cooling down the colors of the background, toning down the sky.
And the final:

24x12, oil

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