Thursday, January 23, 2014

15 Paintings in 15 Days (Round 2) - Day Seven

6x8, oil

A good snow scene is in order! I started this one yesterday and took a few step by step pictures:

I started the underpainting with yellow instead of my typical burnt umber with alizerin or burnt sienna.

One of the most beautiful things about snowy mornings is those gorgeous blue shadows on the snow.

I wanted to emphasize the three primary colors in the color wheel in this piece -- red, yellow and blue.

Sometimes I reach a point where there is too much paint "sloshing" around on the surface and reach a point that I wipe quite a bit off. 
I gave this piece a break over night (put it out in the below-freezing temps on the back porch) and started in on it again this afternoon.

And a few unphotographed phases later:

Finished for now.

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