Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Year!

I want to start out 2013 with a few seasonal paintings. I love the cold light of winter, the simplicity of color, the barren branched trees and that I don't have to wake up quite so early to see the sunrise.

One draw back to this beautiful time is the lack of daylight. I work pretty much exclusively by the light coming in our large sunroom windows. It can be pretty frustrating when I'm just getting to the "good part" in a painting and the sun sets & my light is gone. I'm hoping to invest in some good full-spectrum lights that will allow me to paint more in the evening.

All that to say, I was hoping to post a completed seasonal painting that I was working on yesterday. Sadly the sun set & I didn't get to finish the piece.

I guess you'll have to check back to see the final. :)
Here are a few shots of the painting in progress:

Here's the 5x5 inch "study" painting. I was working out the composition (general shapes, sizes and placement of the objects) & values (how light or dark the objects are in comparison to each other).

 This is an 18x18" canvas. Here is the first layer of color over the brown underpainting.

More definition to the shapes using the blue of the sky & brown.

Adding in the greens. 
(The wet paint strokes on the tree caught quite a bit of reflection. It looks a bit goofy in the photo, but it's all I have for now.)

Adding in the warm colors (reds, oranges, yellows) & the reflections on the sidewalk. 


If you're familiar with the Midlothian area you may recognize this scene. 
 I'll post the location when I post the "final reveal" next week.

Until then, any guesses on where this is? 

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