Friday, January 25, 2013

15 Paintings in 15 Days (day eleven)

It's day eleven of my 15 paintings in 15 days challenge
(Half of this challenge: 30 Paintings in 30 Days)

In my years of painting I don't think I've painted a single snow scene until this week. 

It's a tricky thing. Trickier than I thought. All the rules (really there are no rules in painting, but there are some guidelines that typically appear in atmospheric/landscape situations) go out the window. Like the rule that the sky is usually the lightest value. Absolutely false during a snowstorm. :) 
I've loved all the snow during my 15 in 15 challenge. I've learned so much.

This painting was from yesterday. I painted two paintings yesterday to get ahead in case I had to miss a day this weekend. I didn't paint this one outdoors, but I did stand out there in the snow (it was actually snowing in this scene. I did not paint the flakes. One day I'll be good...) at 9 am in the 20 degree weather for a while studying the light and colors with my eyes & taking photos. I definitely should have worn gloves.

Conifer Fields
12x9, oil

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