Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Day Two (30 in 30 Challenge) - One from the yard

Our Magnolia
8x10, oil

This might sound strange. I've never really had a dream house. Never really had a dream car. But I have dream trees. Yes. trees. Trees I hoped to have in my yard one day. Here they are:
1. Japanese Maple
2. Weeping Willow
3. Magnolia

Guess what trees happen to be planted in our new yard. 
Yes, not one but three Japanese Maples.
Yes, a Magnolia. A baby, but a magnolia nonetheless.
My sweet husband did some research on Weeping Willows and found that their roots can be damaging to pipes, foundations, concrete ditches, etc. He came up with a beautiful Weeping Cherry as an alternative and planted one next to our pond. 
All my dream trees. What more could a girl want? :)
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