Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Day One (30 in 30 Challenge) - What not to do.

On Monday I packed up my gear for a little painting at Sunday Park. Counting this as day one of the 30 in 30 Challenge. I don't know how I'll do blogging each day of the challenge. Today I want to pass along a few "What Not To Do's". If you're a plein air painter already I am sure you know these. Even if don't paint plein air these are probably common sense to you. I tend to forget all I've learned when I'm racing against the clock/moving sun. It's really pathetic sometimes.

So these are more of a "note to self" reminder.

What not to do when painting outdoors:

1. Do not set up your easel so your painting is in the shade and your palette is in the sun. (See photo above.)
2. Do not pick a spot where you can't back up from your painting (without falling in the lake).
3. Do not "chase the light", i.e. change the painting with each degree that the sun shifts.
4. Do not choose a small canvas when painting a "wide angle" scene.
5. Do not try to paint a whole lot of big rocks in a hurry.

6x8, oil

Thankfully it kind of looks like something. Kind of is emphasized.
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