Monday, June 16, 2014

Day 12 (30 in 30) Perry's Kite, 9x12

 Spent last week in the Outer Banks with my husband and family. I managed 12 small paintings between the bike rides, family meals and time on the beach or pool. The views were gorgeous, weather was fantastic, skies so pretty and blue!

This was my view of sound from near Miller's Waterfront Restaurant in Nags Head.
My brother and his friends spent a couple hours kiteboarding while I painted. The wind was gusting 20 mph or so. Great for kiting, not ideal for painting. Felt pretty sea sick by the completion. I moved my easel set up around the corner of a building to make the final touches -- still gusty, but a little milder.
 9x12, oil
 I think i'll call it "Perry's Kite". His was the orange and white one closest to the center of the painting.

After finishing up I snapped a few photos of my bro, Tom, enjoying the wind.
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