Monday, March 17, 2014

"The Sycamores" 6x6

Of course I have to post a green painting on Saint Patrick's Day... even though it's white outside.
(Spring, you can come any day now.)

The Sycamores 
6x6, oil

The Woolridge brothers, partial owners of the Mid-lothian coal mining company, built what is now Crab Louie’s Tavern in the 1700’s. It served as the home of Abraham Woolridge and his family. In 1875 the John Jewett family purchased the estate and turned it into a boarding house. It was named “The Sycamores” because of the abundance of sycamore trees in the area. One hundred years later the house was converted into a restaurant named “Sycamore Inn” and the surrounding area was developed into the Sycamore Square Shopping Center.
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