Friday, February 1, 2013

15 in 15 Recap

Things I Learned 
(only somewhat serious)

1. I have to make sure I have enough rags around before I start otherwise Mark's undershirts will be sacrificed to the cause.
2. I like compositions with pathways/roads/sidewalks in them.
3. Indian Yellow is my new fav color. Not because I like it as a color alone, but it blends so well over and under and through the other colors. It gives every painting so much life.
4. I like slick painting surfaces for small pieces.
5. Josh Garrels makes me paint faster while keeping me somewhat relaxed.
6. Save the 4 mile tempo run, 50 pull ups, 100 burpees and 100 box jumps for an easy painting day. 
7. If I do this again, make sure it snows twice during the challenge. I could not have asked for more beautiful weather for these 15 days!
8. I found out I can paint fast. I can make decisions on colors and composition quickly. I don't have to paint in layers. I don't have to feel in control. I also found out I want to do this again. :)
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