Tuesday, February 19, 2013

If We Could Read the Rings

 "If We Could Read the Rings" 
11x14, oil on canvas
(Story behind the title here)

"If We Could Read the Rings" was completed last summer, but was never featured on the blog. You may find the layers of process as interesting as the final piece. I enjoyed starting on the toned canvas and "drawing" the outlines with the paint and brush and then "blocking in" the shapes. 80% of the time I begin with the "block in" and then refine the shape as I go.

Pre-painting, drawing in sketchbook.

Toned canvas. (Paint was completely dry before next layers added.)

The outlining of the shape of the tree & house.

Filling in & creating the form of the tree.

Adding definition to the house.

Warming up the areas touched by the bright summer sun.

Adding a little more variation in tone & contrast on the dry, cracking bark. And complete!

Thanks for reading!

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