Friday, August 3, 2012

Carter Stuart at North Gallery, Crozet, VA

Four women sat near the front of the theater. The 3-D documentary movie about Egyptian mummies just concluded. The four friends lingered, remarking about the curious red and blue lensed glasses and discussing what was, perhaps, their first experience in a 3-D movie.

Carter Stuart is a storyteller. In the straight lines of a soldier's shoulder, a bit of animated gossip between three Greek cooks, wrinkles that mark wisdom and experience in a face, the old crackled keys of a piano that's past it's prime -- she communicates stories in her paintings, drawings and photographs.

On Wednesday my husband and I drove to King Family Vineyards. It was a gorgeous drive. for the opening of Carter's solo show featuring a selection of her expressive pen & ink drawings, her beautiful tonal paintings & vibrant photographs.

Her pieces will be on display August 1 - September 30 at the King Family Vineyards North Gallery, 6550 Roseland Farm, Crozet, Virginia 22932 . I recommend a visit to enjoy a glass of wine, take in the gorgeous landscapes, and "hear" the stories hung on the wall.

I'm on the left, Carter's on the right.

Carter can be found at:

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