Thursday, April 9, 2015

Two things

If you are only reading my blog it looks like I've stopped painting. Well, it's not true. I'm still going strong, which is one of the reasons there's been such little activity over here.

Two things for you.
(Painting dump is on it's way.)

1. Next month is the start of my (our) 4-man/woman show at Gallery Flux in Ashland, VA.

I'm really looking forward to what Kathleen, Dan and Fonda have been cooking up. (I've seen a few in person)

The opening night is May 7th. We will be talking a little about our artwork around 6:30. Would love to see you there.

2. Enjoy a demo entitled "How to paint an 8x8 in under two minutes". If you follow me in facebook you've probably already seen this.

Make sure you wait for the little lady to walk by. It's my favorite part.

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