Thursday, July 3, 2014

30-34 (30 in 30 Challenge) - Qiang Huang and a bunch of studies

Every time I get on blogger to make this final post I've gotten distracted by other art blogs I follow. Namely Qiang-Huang. His artwork in my blogger dashboard feed makes me completely forget what I got on my computer to do. That and makes me re-think posting my little attempts at painting. His work -- the shapes, the tones, the angles, the colors, the brushwork.... I could look at it forever. So, yes, what I was saying: it has been a very busy week and the limited time I've taken to post to the blog has been hijacked by Qiang Huang (pronounce Chong Wong, fyi). If you don't have 20 extra minutes in your day, don't click on the link.

My 30th painting turned into five. Rather, five studies for future paintings. Some studies were for a commission, some for upcoming shows. All completed on July 1st, which was really the 30th day in the challenge for me, since I began on June 2nd.

Details are still being worked through, but a number of the paintings of the 30 in 30 will be on display at Gallery Flux's "En Plein Air" gallery artists and "Big Skies" juried exhibits during August and September. More details to come!

Thanks for all the "likes" on the blog posts on facebook and the encouragement during the month. I'm honored that you all actually take the time to look and read. Thank you!

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