Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Paintings from Deep Creek Lake

When painting is your job as well as your passion you take work with you on vacation. In fact the thing that most excites you about vacation is "working" in a new location.

Last week my husband and I joined my extended family for a family reunion at Deep Creek Lake in MD. The week usually involves water skiing, tubing, sailing, sun burn, a lot of good food, staying up late and catching up on everyone's lives.

Of course I also brought my paints. Between the activities I managed to squeak out a few paintings, including my first nocturne. I chose simple compositions to paint and focused on capturing the color of the moment. This enabled the essence of the scene to be captured quickly so I wouldn't feel like I was spending hours upon hours away from all the family festivities.

Take a look:

Edge of the Water
5x7, oil

Day's End
6x6, oil

Clouds Float By
9x12, oil

 Crimson Glow
5x7, oil

8x10, oil

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