Saturday, May 25, 2013

Light to My Path 12x24

1. Underpainting in burnt sienna.
2. Painting in the "distance" (the sky & land behind the trees) and starting to add color to the leaves of the trees.

3. Next the tree leaves, establishing the darkest areas. I tried to use primarily "transparent" colors to make them appear as if they're glowing.
4. Next painting the light green leaves.

5. Finishing the leaves & starting with the foreground. Again I used a burnt sienna for the underpainting of the foreground.
6. More color application of the foreground.
7. Adding the dusting of snow 
8. I continued to use a process of applying paint and removing it until I got that feel of the morning sun on the snow-dusted grass.

9. Last bit was painting the tree trunks, dead leaves on the ground and retouching the trees on the far left.... and finished!

"Light to my Path"
12x24, oil on canvas

I had the piece framed in a "blond" wood floater frame. Here it is on my window sill prior to delivery at For Art's Sake at the end of April

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