Thursday, June 7, 2012

Agecroft Windows

11x14, oil on canvas

Mom, Grammie & I had a lovely time touring a local Tudor-style manor house-turned-museum, Agecroft Hall, in late January. Richmond it full of little gems -- gorgeous and fascinating places to visit -- but it seems I rarely take the time to explore my own city. Agecroft was built in the 15th Century in EnglandIt was bought at auction by a Richmond couple in 1925, disassembled, shipped across the Atlantic and reassembled in the beautiful Winsor Farms neighborhood, just off Cary Street. The tour guide gave us quite a fun tour & history lesson. She mentioned that glass, being hand blown, was expensive to make. Windows were an expression of the homeowner's wealth.
These casement-style windows looked out over the James. Loved the combination of textures and colors contained in one beautiful piece of architecture -- the wattle & daub siding, the brick, the windows, even the drain spout & gutters.

Below are a few other shots from that day. The gardens weren't in bloom, being January.

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