Wednesday, August 15, 2007

i went to an orphanage in guadalupe, mexico last week...

this is the dorm building that our team stayed in. the AC unit is one of the few swamp coolers that actually worked.
this is a view of the kitchen where we ate our food and the shack/houses across the field. there were beautiful mountians visible beyond that. i didn't have time to draw them.

The orphans (especially a little boy named Christian) liked to watch me draw. They pointed out the things i draw and told me the Spanish words. I offered them papel and they drew smiley faces. It was interesting to see how Mexican children drew. American children usually draw 2 dots for eyes, an "L" shape for a nose and an upside down rainbow for a mouth. Mexican children (or at least all the orphans who showed me their drawings) drew faces just like we carve jack-o-lanterns. Two triangles for the eyes, a triangle for the nose, and an cantalope slice for the mouth. One of the little boys drew two rectangles touching each other for the mouth (perhaps for the teeth).

Also, the buildings at Rancho 3M (the orphanage) were brightly painted-greens and yellows and bright blues and reds. If i have time i'll add color to these pen drawings on photoshop. They are quite cheery.

My sister and dad on the plane home.
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